Content Moderation Transparency Notice


Last updated: 21 February 2024


About this page

This Content Moderation Transparency Notice supplements the Game’s End User Licence Agreement (“EULA”) and is intended to provide clarity on the content moderation in the Game, including details on how we identify any Game activity which is likely unlawful or violates our EULA (“Harmful Activities”), as well as the moderation procedure to take action against such activity.  We also provide information on how you can notify us of any Harmful Activities you come across in the Game.


Our Player Conduct Rules


In the ‘Player Conduct’ section of the EULA, we set out the restrictions players are subject to when playing the Game (the “Player Conduct Rules”). The Player Conduct Rules are intended to create a safe and fair playing experience for players and prevent the existence of Harmful Activities.  As examples, the Player Conduct Rules disallow: 

·       uploading or transmitting any illegal content;

·       choosing a harmful username or account name;

·       carrying out offensive or illegal activities; and

·       carrying out behaviour which is disruptive to other Users or the game community. 


Each player accepts and agrees to EULA and consequently the Player Conduct Rules when playing the Game for the first time. A copy of the EULA is available on the official Game website.


How do we proactively identify Harmful Activities?


In the Game, we use built-in, proactive moderation, algorithms and tools designed to automatically protect players by automatically removing Harmful Activities.  These include the use of some, or all, of the following tools:

·       Keyword filtering, being profanity filters, which automatically identify and block certain content;

·       AI filtering (text, graphics and voice), being artificial intelligence technologies, used to monitor, analyse, and moderate content; and

·       Anti-cheat tools, used to detect players cheating in the Game.


How can you notify us of Harmful Activities?


In addition to utilising the tools and methods above, we also rely on players notifying us of any Harmful Activities they come across.  Players can notify us of Harmful Activities by (a) where available, submitting a query to us in the Game via the customer support section or report button; or (b) contacting us via the Game’s official support email address (the “Support Email Address”).  The Support Email Address is provided within section 2 of the EULA. 


Notifying us of Illegal Content


If you are a player or an entity and have a genuine reason to believe there is content in the Game which violates a specific law, instead of submitting a general report as detailed above, you also have the option of submitting an ‘Illegal Content Notice’ to us via the Support Email Address. This can help us prioritise the removal of illegal content from the Game. Please ensure that your email:

-       Has the subject line: ‘Illegal Content Notice’;

-       Provides a clear explanation of the reasons why you allege the content to be illegal;

-       Provide as much information as you can to help us identify the illegal content (for example, the user ID of the player transmitting the illegal content, and location of the illegal content (if possible, please provide a screenshot);

-       Provide your full legal name and email address for us to contact you on; and

-       Provide the following statement: “It is my bona fide belief that the information and allegations contained are accurate and complete”.


Please note, on receipt of your Illegal Content Notice, before carrying out any legal assessment we will first consider whether the content breaches the Player Conduct Rules.  If it is found to breach the Player Conduct Rules, we will remove the relevant content from the Game without conducting any further assessment of illegality (this is to ensure that any harmful, and potentially illegal, content is removed from the Game as soon as possible).


What happens when we receive your report?


On receipt of your notice of Harmful Activities in the Game, the Game’s support team (the “Support Team”) will review the report and determine what enforcement action should be taken. The Support Team aims to take any required actions within 5 days, although this period may vary where the report is more complex.


What type of enforcement action will be taken?


Where our Support Team assesses Harmful Activity has occurred, it will take enforcement action against the player committing the Harmful Activity. The precise measure taken will be determined by the Support Team acting in a diligent, objective and proportionate manner, taking into consideration the severity of the breach, any previous violations committed by the player, as well as the rights and legitimate interests of all parties involved.  These measures include one or more of the following:


·       A Warning: Offending players may receive a warning in the Game informing them of their Harmful Activities and putting them on notice that carrying out further Harmful Activities may result in them receiving a harsher enforcement action.

·       Removal of content: If we find a player has committed a Harmful Activity involving the upload or transmission of illegal content, or content otherwise breaching our Player Conduct Rules, that content will be removed from the Game.

·       Temporary account restriction / suspension. Where a breach is deemed more severe, or where a User is carrying out repeated breaches of our Player Conduct Rules, the User may have their account suspended, or may be restricted from accessing certain Game functions. 

·       Permanent restriction. For the most severe breaches, or where a player is carrying out repeated breaches of the Player Conduct Rules, the player may have their account permanently suspended.


If a player is subject to an enforcement action, they will be notified in-Game. This enforcement notice will clarify the reason why the enforcement action was taken. Where the player has received a temporary suspension, we will also confirm the point in time in which the suspension will be lifted.


If a player believes the enforcement action taken was made in error, they should contact the Support Team, providing their Game user ID, as well as a clear explanation as to why they believe the decision was made in error. On receipt of this, if our Support Team finds the relevant enforcement action was taken erroneously, it will retract or modify the relevant enforcement action.



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